Rußbach am Paß Gschütt. Top of Edtalm

Once we get on the Hohbühelbahn cableway and get to the top of Edtalm, we will find ourselves in the federal state of Upper Austria. The camera, installed on the lower station of the lift, shows the ski slope in the territory of Salzburg.

We are looking at the panorama of the Dachstein West Resort, which combines several ski areas. Hohbühelbahn is built on a relatively shallow slope, so in this part of the resort, mostly beginners and average-level skiers go skiing.

The lift travels a distance of 488 meters in 5 minutes. During the trip on the six-seat armchair, tourists can rise to a height of 1,474 meters above sea level, and then reach the Abfahrt track.

In the summer months, we can see mountain dirt roads used not only by bicyclists but also by motorists. In the summer, only high-altitude cable cars operate, but Hohbühelbahn is not one of them.