Varaždin. King Tomislav Square

Vȁraždīn County is located in Northern Croatia, 77 kilometers north of Zagreb. The beautiful city of Vȁraždīn, the center of this county, is situated near the Drava River. First written reminding about this place is dating back to the 12th-century. From 1756 until 1776, during the rule of Maria Theresa, here was situated the seat of the Croatian administration. Numerous city palaces are reminding today about that period, and Vȁraždīn itself is very often being beautifully called “the Baroque museum under the open skies”.

Square of King Tomislav (in Croatian “Trg Kralja Tomislava”) lies in close proximity to the Central Railway Station. This square is one of the most interesting and important places of the city. Houses around it were built in the end of 19th- beginning of the 20th century. Among the most interesting sites here is the Pavillion of Arts, a modern city gallery used for different exhibitions. Numerous cafes surround the square providing shelter from the sun, as well as a quick bite and sup for hundreds tourists.

Today Varaždin has become a very popular destination for the summer vacation, both for the Croatians and tourists from abroad. This wonderful city attracts people not only with its culture and architecture, but also with many different events and festivals. The most important of them are the Varaždin Baroque Evenings festival, the ŠpancirFest and the Radar Festival.