Mo'orea. View of the Coast

View of the coast Manava Beach Resort & Spa.This resort is located on the island of Moorea neighboring with Tahiti.

It takes a lot of time and effort to reach this paradise, because from the nearest major airport, International Tahiti Fa’a’ā, you need to travel another 10 kilometers by water. The ferry station, called Pape’ete Ferry Terminal Gare Maritime, is located next to the airport; you can get from it to the island of Moorea by ship. You can also get there by air, but a 7-minute flight between the islands is not cheap.

The island has a triangular shape and because of its volcanic origin, is almost completely covered with rocks and hills. The island’s population is 17 thousand people, almost all are employed in the tourism sector.

Most Moorea resorts have built villas right on the water. Here, and in Manava Beach Resort & Spa, we can see small guests houses above the water. You can relax amongst the palm trees on the beautiful sandy beach and take a swim in a cool pool or plunge into the ocean.