Munich. Allianz Arena

One of the most beautiful stadiums in the world is the Allianz Arena. It was built for the World Cup 2006, which took place in Germany. Its construction was considered to the detail; first, in a national referendum, local residents decided where a new stadium would be located, then an architectural competition of the best project was held, and by 2005 the Allianz Arena was put into operation.

Inside the Allianz Arena is nothing outstanding: A quality sward and large capacity bleachers (from 66 to 75 thousand people) are included, but the stadium is so unique outside, that even when the local team is not playing in the home arena, tourists still come here to be photographed against the background of the unique attraction. It’s better to do it in the evening, when the outer shell is illuminated with the colors of Bavaria.

The metro stations in this part of the city have been expanded and moved for the convenience of the attendees. By increasing the number of trains on the days of matches, it is possible to seat fans in the stadium comfortably and quickly release the arena upon game completion.