Quedlinburg. Market Square

The camera is in the center of the old town of Quedlinburg. It is listed as a World Cultural and Natural Heritage site. In whatever direction you head from the bakery, called Schäfer’s Brot- und Kuchen Spezialitäten, where the camera is installed, you will certainly find amazing and memorable sights in the city.

For example, on the left, one can see the towers of the Quedlinburg town hall, built in the northern part of the town square. On the opposite side of Markt Street you can stay in Hotel Zum Bär, while on the same side as the bakery is Ringhotel Theophano.

Because the city has long been a tourist destination, even on weekdays the central streets of Altstadt are crowded. Be sure to try local dishes in restaurants and cafes, as well as in retail stores with delicacies, souvenirs and flowers. They are right in the middle of Markt Road.