Demjén. Demjen Thermal Spa Park

The Hotel Egri Korona Borház és Wellness is located on the very edge of the village of Demjen. Of course, this village is very small (only 600 people of population) but it has very interesting and long history. First official record about the village of Demjen was made in the documents from1331, when it was mentioned as a neighboring village of the prospering medieval town of Eger.

Among most prominent tourist attractions in the village we can mention the Roman Catholic Church of Saint Anthony of Padua (built in the beginning of the 18-th century) and the statue of Saint Anthony of Padua, carved from stone, which stands at the crossing of Petőfi Street and Kossuth Square. Several hotels with restaurants and thermal spa make a nice framing to the important architectural and historical sites.

For instance, the Hotel Complex of Egri Korona Borház, where this webcam is located, features own hotel, restaurant and various thermal pools.