Eger. István Dobó Square

In front of us is István Dobó Square in the Hungarian town of Eger. The city is known for its thermal springs, historical buildings and citadel, which was protected by a great military leader, István Dobó. The Turks tried to take the Castle of Eger in 1552, but despite their huge army, which exceeded the Hungarian force by several times, the attackers had to admit defeat. However, after about 50 years, the fortress came under the Turks’ control for 100 years.

In addition to the square, in Eger is a monument dedicated to the great Hungarian military. In other cities in the country, people also honor the memory of this historical figure through plaques and monuments. In the right part of the image we can see the tower of Minorite Catholic church, which is another attraction of Eger, built in the middle of the eighteenth century. There are also Orthodox churches in Eger.