Ahrntal. Cabin Lift Klausberg

The picturesque ski resort, Valle Aurina, is located between the Alpine peaks. In the distance, we can see the slopes of the mountain chain, Venediger. Along its peaks, located at an altitude of about 3 kilometers above sea level, is the border between Austria and Italy. We are in the southern part of the resort, on the slope of the Durreckgruppe mountain range.

A panoramic camera at the upper station of Klausberg shows us a modern cabin lift, built in 2016. Prior to it, the cable car, with small six-berth cabins, operated in the same spot. Now, every car with panoramic windows can hold up to 10 passengers and carries up to 2,800 people per hour.

The camera turns to the west and now, the mountain restaurant, Kristallalm, operating all year round, appears in front of us. In the summer, tourists come to this station, at a height of 1,600 meters above sea level, to enjoy the magnificent Alpine scenery from the terraces of local restaurants (besides Kristallalm, there are other restaurants, including Moaregg Alm).

Experienced skiers and snowboarders leave from Klausberg Station to the highest point of K2 (2,510 meters above sea level) to start the most dangerous descent along the Durreck track.