Riga. Livu Square

Livu Square, a part of the medieval part of Riga, appeared as a result of the tragic occurrences of the Second World War. Several beautiful ancient buildings, which stood in this place, have been demolished during the German bombings. The city council decided to open a new square instead of reconstructing them. The square is located close to the edge of the old town from the side of the Freedom Monument.

Livu Square is a popular meeting point for tourists and youth. Here it is always overcrowded and noisy. On the sides of the square stands a row of cafes, restaurants and souvenir shops, in its center — a small green park with flowerbeds full of colourful flowers and other greenery not found in other Old City squares. The flowers are laid out in “waves” to remind visitors that the Riga River, an important shipping route up to the 1600s, ran through where the square is today. In 1735, it was decided to bury the river because, by then, it had turned into a fetid swamp where the townsfolk disposed of their rubbish.

Riga Tourism Information Centre is located not far from here. It offers free consultations, informative materials, maps and, last but not least, free WiFi.