Huvahendhoo Island. Pier of Lily Beach Hotel

Huvahendoo Island, located on one of the many atolls of the Maldives close to Hulhule International Airport, offers its guests a premium holiday “on the edge of the Earth.” You can get here only by a vessel or seaplane. The island is only 0.06 square kilometers, and almost all of its territory is occupied by palm trees. Only a small part contains beaches.

Lily Beach Resort & Spa Hotel is built on the water, close to the island. Villas and restaurants of the hotel are right over the water. A week stay in this “paradise” starts at $700 for a double room. Among the guests are many couples with children; you can leave your child with an experienced nanny in the children’s complex.

Lily Beach is called “affordable luxury” and, indeed, it is; very often this hotel hosts weddings and parties. Active guests can use the diving center of the island.