Geiranger. View of Geiranger Fjord

Geiranger village is located between the two “last” peaks of the Geiranger fjord. Despite the fact that only about 300 inhabitants permanently reside in the village, many hotels, restaurants and other tourist attractions have been built there. That’s because giant cruise ships that enter Geiranger port annually bring thousands of tourists here.

Hotel Union Geiranger, like many other buildings in the village, is located on the slope of a small hill, so it offers magnificent views of the fjord. If you go farther up the slope, you can get to the observation deck, Flydalsjuvet, which offers more stunning views of the unusual nature of Norway.

Rooms in this hotel start at 150 euros per night. Given the high level of service, this is an excellent offer for such a resort.

The only noticeable building in this image is a local church, Geiranger kyrkje. Most of the parishioners are residents of Geiranger, but sometimes you can meet tourists there as well.