Stavanger. Racecourse

Stavanger is the oil capital of Norway. No wonder the city provides people with many opportunities to spend their money. Horse racing and sports betting are most popular in rich cities. We are on the Forus racecourse, which is located on the outskirts of the city, in its southern part.

Forus is famous not only for its amazing stories of big wins and losses, but also for the fact that the racecourse is the oldest in the country, having opened in 1920. Races are held here mainly on Tuesdays, so if you want to watch a horseback race, do not forget to open the page that day.

If gambling is not for you, the wonderful Norwegian town, in which there are several beautiful lakes and popular recreation areas, is still worth visiting. Well, if you still want to watch sports in Stavanger, you need to go to the local football stadium, built in 2004 and meeting all the requirements for modern buildings of this type.