Chaweng. The Starz Cabaret

Samui is not only a place of exotic nature and magnificent beaches, but also a diverse nightlife. Cabaret is one of the most popular entertainments here.

Though you may find it hard to believe, the entire Starz cabaret staff is men. Drag queens (men dressed in women’s clothes) and katoi, or the so called “third gender” (men who changed their sex), perform here.

But don’t think you are going to watch a traditional erotic Thai show; rather, you can expect dazzling handmade costumes, dances, songs, mockeries of foreign performers, and humor. For example, one of the best acts is a performer dressed as a man on one side and as a woman on the other side. The artist is so talented that it seems two different people are dancing and singing in turns.

Every night, a new online show is waiting for you.

This camera works 19:00 — 03:00 local time.

The show starts at 20:00.