Hawaii Island. The Gemini Observatory


This webcam is turned to the south in the direction of the Mauna Loa volcano. It is Mauna Kea's neigbour, which, by the way, was once considered to be the largest volcano on Earth.
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View to the coast in the north
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View to north north east. In the daytime you can observe the archipelago, in the nighttime enjoy watching beautiful stars on the night sky.
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North north west direction. Shapes of a mountain range and picturesque views.
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These webcams are installed on the territory of The Gemini Observatory in Hawaii. This observatory gives almost full coverage of the northern sky and is located on Hawaii’s sleeping volcano Mauna Kea at the height of 4200 metres.

Observatory’s main telescope, so called Gemini North, is operated since 2000.

The other telescope, called Gemini South, is located on a mountain in the Chilean Andes and provides complete coverage of the Southern Hemisphere.