Villa María. Velez Sarsfield Bridge

To the north of the central streets of the Argentine city of Villa Maria is the Tercero River, the bridge over which we can see on the screen. One of the roads leading to Villa Nueva, another city in the province of Cordoba, goes through the bridge.

Just before the bridge, on the east bank of the river Tercero is a small square, Plazoleta de Las Naciones, with a fountain and the Argentine flag, waving over the city.

Just a mile from the building, on which the camera is installed, there is a local architectural landmark, Anfiteatro Municipal Amphitheater. The stage and the hall are sheltered from the rain by a large and beautiful roof, and due to the lack of walls in the construction, the audience and the actors feel comfortable during the evening performances.

But perhaps the main attraction of Villa Maria is the Episcopal Cathedral, in neo-classical style, built in 1884. It is located on Plaza San Martín, a kilometer closer to the center than the Velez Sarsfield Bridge.