Flattach. View of the Commune from Graffenberg District

The camera of Appartementhaus Lercher has an excellent view of the alpine village of Flattach. By the way, you can see the hotel itself at the bottom of the screen — it is almost at the foot of the mountain, from where we are looking at the Austrian commune.

Flattach was formed from the larger village district of Spittal, Obervellach. The economy was based on forestry and mining of copper, but during the twentieth century, tourism was rapidly developing in Flattach. Now, there are many hotels, where skiers and hikers stay.

The main attraction is Raggaschlucht Canyon with a waterfall, rocks and where routes for mountaineers are organized, as well as travelers clubs with the mountain huts around the district.

On a clear day, the ridges of Ankogelgruppe and Polynices are clearly visible in the background.