Gaimberg. A View of Lienz

Lienz is the economic, cultural and social center of East Tyrol, built on the rivers Drau and Iseli. We can see the city from the village of Gaimberg, located in the north, on the slopes of Mount Zettersfeld. If the camera was pointed toward the top, we would see the track and lifts of Zettersfeld Ski Resort.

We are looking at Lienz, as well as the tops of Spizkofel, Rauhkofel and Holstein surrounding the city from all sides. On the slopes of Holstein (on the right) we can see the ski trails, running from the top to the very bottom of the mountain.

The well-developed infrastructure in the mountains around Lienz and the town itself is interesting for tourists, who come here both in winter and summer. Fresh mountain air, hotels on the river banks, castles, churches and other architectural masterpieces can be found in the Austrian city of Lienz.

If you look closely at the ski slopes of Holstein resort, you can see a huge castle, Bruck. This construction of the thirteenth century is used as a municipal museum today.