Heilbrunn. County Panorama

The camera is installed on the rooftop of Bauernhofer Hotel, in the biggest village of Unger commune, Heilbrunn. It is a very quiet and forgotten by God place, the only important event in the 400-year history of the village was the fall of an American bomber in October 1943. A memorial stone was installed on the crash site.

Bauernhofer adheres to the currently popular concept of eco-friendly hotels. In addition to internal content, Naturparkhotel Bauernhofer has huge Austrian meadows and pastures, located just behind its territory. The hotel’s motto is “Pure life in the country pastures.”

We can see one of the mountains, where the Sommeralm ski resorts are situated. To the left, on a clear day, you can see the highest mountain wind turbine of Europe, Almwind-Windrad Sommeralm, built at an altitude of 1400 meters above sea level and energizing 350 households.