Langkampfen. View of the Village of Hinterthiersee, from Pendling

The camera of the mountain hut, Pendlinghaus, is directed toward one of the villages of the municipality, Thiersee. In Hinterthiersee, you can find the beautiful church of St. Nicholas and a couple of interesting architectural solutions for rural development. The population of this village is just 500 people.

Of greatest interest to tourists is the city of Kufstein, located east of Pendling Mountain.

If you stay in Pendlinghaus, any of its rooms has a great view from the window. The hut was built in 1909, at an altitude of 1565 meters above sea level. There are three major mountain trails, from Thiersee, Langkampfen and Schneeberg. Pendlinghaus guests can not only stay there but also enjoy delicious Austrian dishes and beer. Homestyle cooking is served for breakfast, as guests wake up to the singing of birds.