Mallnitz. Ankogel Mountain Ski Slopes

Mallnitz Ski Resort is located in the northern part of the village, on the slopes of the Mount Ankogel. The camera shows the ski slopes next to the middle lift station, at an altitude of 1945 meters.

The ski slopes are served by five main lifts and by a small training tape lift, Förderband. The cable ways are of different lengths, from 300 meters to 2.5 kilometers. Trails also have varying degrees of difficulty: three blue routes are for beginners, four red runs are for more experienced skiers and snowboarders, and five black ones for pros.

On the right, you can see Hannoverhaus, the second mountain hut, built at an altitude of 2565 meters. Tourists can visit a restaurant in the hut or watch vultures, capricorns and partridges from a summer terrace. The old Hannoverhaus was burned in 2014 after a lightning strike. The hut can be reached even on foot. In summer, the way from Mallnitz takes about 4-5 hours.