Sankt Corona am Wechsel. Corona Park

The commune of St. Corona am Wechsel has a population of about four hundred people, nevertheless, it is a popular holiday destination in Austria because there is a ski resort and a few hotels around it. The camera is set in the tourist center of Corona Park St. Corona, where resort guests can find all the necessary information about the infrastructure of St. Corona am Wechsel.

The powerful development of the commune as a major tourist center began in the early 1990s, when modern ski lifts were built there. Skilifte St. Corona am Wechsel will take you to the top of the ski slope, which also has several accommodation options, such as individual huts or small hotels with comfortable rooms.

The resort St. Corona am Wechsel is known in the country primarily as a place for family holidays. You can see a special children’s lift, the track for the youngest sportsmen and other infrastructure, specially designed for a comfortable family holiday.