Zell am See. Panorama of the City

Zell am See is built on the shores of the lake. It and the neighboring town of Kaprun form the famous tourist resort of Zell am See-Kaprun. There is also an important road junction for the Austrian district of Zell am See.

We can see the two resort cities and famous lake, in the shape of a peanut, with the area of about five square kilometers. Stunning views of the Alps can be seen from any point here and all the hotels offer stunning views of the mountains, but Grand Hotel Zell am See offers the best views. You can see it in the center of the screen, it is built on the shores of the peninsula.

There are a lot of ski trails and dozens of lifts on the opposite shore of the lake.

In the city, tourists can see the architectural masterpieces of the past centuries, such as the Church of St. Hippolyte and its famous tower.

The family farm of the legendary Porsche family is in Zell am See.