Antwerp. Docks on the River Scheldt

Antwerp is a mandatory stop during any journey across Belgium; it’s a city with a lot of things to brag about.

Not only is it the second largest city in the country and the capital of the Flemish Region and famous the world over for its extraordinary beer, it’s also home to a variety of landmarks.

Even the story of the city’s name is quite interesting! According to legend, in olden times, a giant lived at the bridge over the Scheldt, collecting fees from anyone who crossed the river. If any hapless traveler refused to pay, the giant would tear off his hands and throw them into the water. Eventually, this mythical giant’s reign of terror came to an end at the hands of a Roman soldier named Brabo, who threw the giant’s hand into the river. Legends aside, the name of the city literally translates to “throw a hand.”

Do not be afraid to visit this city, because this cruel giant was killed many years ago!