Hasselt. Philips Bridge

The camera is installed in the business center of Corda Campus in Hasselt, Belgium. This town was founded in the seventh century BC, on the banks of the river Demer, but it received its present name only half a century later. Hasaluth is translated as walnut wood; such forests can be found around the city.

On the screen, we can see Philips Bridge and the railway passing underneath. Kiewit Station is located right at the bridge. In the morning, people from the north, as well as the inhabitants of the town of Zonhoven, many of whom work in the companies of the neighboring Hasselt, drive to work along the road leading into the town.

The road over the bridge leads to the Netherlands border and then into Eindhoven City. Hasselt is located at the intersection of several major highways of the country, which connect Belgian cities like Liege, Antwerp and Brussels. By the E314 highway, located north of Hasselt, you can get to Germany through a small area of the Dutch land.