Cape Forchu. Cape Forchu Lighthouse

Cape Forchu Lighthouse, in the Canadian province of Nova Scotia, is located near the town of Yarmouth. Prior to becoming an attraction for maritime history lovers (currently, the lighthouse is a museum), it carried out its direct function starting in 1840. Now this is a new structure with an “applecore” design finished in the early 1960s.

The unique green belt around the lighthouse, located between two harbors, has become tourist attraction in Canada. Tourists started coming here in the 1890s from cities in the U.S. northeast who were escaping extremely hot weather conditions in the summer months. Every year, from June to October, tens of thousands of tourists come to Cape Forchu. At other times, the museum does not function due to bad weather conditions.

Today, the thirty meter lighthouse is equipped with modern light facilities, the functioning of which can be observed by anyone who is able to get to this remote place in northern Canada.