Jasper National Park. The Glacier Skywalk Observation Platform

The Glacier Skywalk is a real attraction for intrepid travelers who are bored with usual observation platforms. An artificial ledge over the abyss of the glacier is made of perfectly transparent glass. Many visitors of the Glacier Skywalk at first do not dare to experience new emotions and do not risk going out on a glass bridge. But after a while, bolstered by watching other brave souls, they step on the strong glass, set at an altitude of 280 meters above the precipice.

Underfoot, tourists can see not only a frightening gorge but also the magnificent waterfalls of Canada’s Jasper National Park. Since the observation platform over the abyss requires constant and careful care, as well as inspection of all engineering designs, a visit costs $32 for an adult and half the price for a child. You also have an opportunity to take the service package: a visit to the observation deck with excursions to local natural attractions. By purchasing the package, you can save a lot on the total travel cost.