Jasper National Park. Maligne Lake

We are on the shores of Canada’s Lake Maligne in Jasper National Park. It is considered to be one of the most “photographed” lakes in the world. So when you’re there, do not be surprised by the sound of camera shutters :)

Translated from French, the name of the lake and the valley of the same name means “evil.” Pierre-Jean de Smet named it so when he first visited those places.

The lake is surrounded by mountain peaks and the highest of them is Mount Brazeau, which reaches the mark of 3470 meters.

Tourists are immediately warned of the dangers that may await them in one-man campaigns, because the fauna near the lake is varied and not always peaceable. Here you can meet grizzlies, wolves, coyotes, deer, and moose, as well as mountain goats and caribou.

The total length of the lake, through which tourists, who come to rest on Maleyn, sail boats, is 22.5 kilometers.