Medvednica. Sljeme. Ski Resort

The highest summit of Medvednica Mountain is called Sljeme. There is also a ski resort with the same name, Sljeme. It lies 10 kilometres north from the beautiful capital city of Zagreb at the altitude of 1000 metres.

This ski center has one chairlift, two T-bar lifts and equipment for artificial snow. Visitors of Sljeme can choose between four slopes of different difficulty level. The red one is for professionals, of course. Night time skiing is also available thanks to the illumination during the night.

Since 2005 Sljeme hosts international competition Snow Queen Trophy, which is called after worldwide famous Croatian ski racer Janica Kostellic.

If you suddenly start feeling bored of the excellent local skiing, you can always take a short brake and visit interesting and beautiful natural park Medvednica with its 7 kilometres long cave Veternica.