Tkon. A View of the Pašman Canal

The panoramic view of the Pašman Canal opens to us from the village of Tkon, one of the two largest resorts on the island of Pašman. Communication with the mainland is implemented through Biograd na Moru, the port, which you can see on the screen.

Two islands in the center of the image are Otok Planac and Sveta Katarina. In order to see them closer, you need to take one of the pleasure boats in Tkon, or rent a yacht or motor boat.

Although it seems that Pašman is a wide channel, there are many restrictions on the dimensions of ships. This is due to numerous islands and shoals in the channel, especially in the southeastern part.

One of the most famous islands of the channel is Galešnjak. In the guidebooks, it is referred to as the “Island of Love”, because its shape resembles a heart.

The main part of the city’s population is engaged in fishing, so be sure to visit one of the local fish restaurants in Tkon.