Willemstad. Jan Thiel Resort

A holiday on Curacao is not cheap, because it costs a lot of money just to get to the island. That’s why many tourists prefer budget accommodations, such as Home Sweet Home Mini Resort with its discounts, special offers and affordable accommodations.

The beach of Jan Thiel Bay, located between the bays of Cornelis (in the west) and Caracas (in the east) is near the hotel. A well maintained and beautiful Caribbean beach belongs to a group of hotels, the guests of which have free access to it. All the other guests of the island of Curacao have to pay an entrance fee for visiting the beach. The beach has all the conditions for sports on water and land, as well as a bar and a restaurant.

The hotel is within a short walking distance of the local pier and there is a marina, which is home to Mermaid Boat Trips Curacao. A little further is Santa Barbara Beach & Golf Resort.