Ceske Budejovice. Premysla Square. View from Black Tower

The surveillance camera of the Black Tower, in Česke Budějovice, shows the heart of the city. In the center of the square of Premysl, we can see the Fountain of Samson, behind it is an art gallery and shopping centers. On the right side of the square is the city magistrate, on the left is Grandhotel Zvon, a cheap hotel (only 50 euros per night).

As for the main attractions of the city, the Black Tower, built next to St. Paul’s Cathedral, is known not only within the Czech Republic but also abroad. Now, this building of the sixteenth century serves as a better viewing platform of the city but, in the previous century, it used to be an important guard building.

The base of the tower is a square with sides measuring 11.5 meters. Its height reaches 72 meters. The interior space is divided into nine floors. The architecture of the Black Tower is in two styles: Gothic (first five floors) and Renaissance style (from the fifth floor to the spire).