Ceske Budejovice. Premysla Square. View from the Town Hall

The building of the current city council of Česke Budějovice was built in 1727-1730. The Town Hall, built in the style of Baroque, is considered to be one of the main symbols of the city.

In addition to the town hall, on the west side of the square, there are houses in the Gothic style and one of the oldest town houses, Stoltzův. In the background, the Black Tower rises above the square, and the Fountain of Samson is in the center of the square.

There are also unusual sights in Premysl. For example, Bludný kámen. This thirty inch stone with a cross is situated in the southeastern part of the square. According to the legend, it is on the site of the scaffold. In the fifteenth century, judging by the inscriptions on the stone, ten people suspected of murder were executed there. In 2010, vandals dug out the stone, but it has since been returned to its original location and concreted to the pavement.