Ceske Budejovice. View from the Ministry of Finance, South Bohemian Region

The building of the Ministry of Finance, from which we look at the capital of Česke Budějovice, was built on the Malše River. Its mouth is here. The state border between the Czech Republic and Austria goes along the river toward the south of the country.

The turning camera shows the bridge over the river, as well as buildings on the east bank of the Malše. Directly in front of the Ministry is the technical college of mechanic and electrical engineering, and a little to the left is a primary school. We are looking at the houses and roads of Česke Budějovice from one of the tallest buildings. In general, the buildings are low here, which is the standard not only for the Czech cities but also across Europe.

In the building of the Ministry of Finance is a popular restaurant, Restaurace Gerbera. In this part of the city there are also other important objects, such as an ice palace, Budvar Arena, and a prison, Vazební věznice.