Holešov. Edvard Benes Square

A small but cozy square in the center of the Czech town of Holešov was named after the second president of the Czech Republic, Edvard Benes. Despite the fact that it is surrounded by many roads, it is simple to get there, because cars are moving slowly on the pavement and give priority to pedestrians.

Many fairs and festivals are held on the square and a tall Christmas tree is installed there on Christmas Eve. The fountain functions on Edward Benes Square, during the summer.

The other attraction of Holešov, the Church of St. Anna, is located just behind the building where this webcam is installed.

A huge Jewish diaspora has long been a characteristic feature of this Czech town. From the fifteenth century to the Second World War, the Jewish community in Holešov has been an essential part of the total city population. After the Holocaust, in Holešov, only 9% of the Jews survived.