Liberec. Panoramic view of the city

The panoramic camera, installed in a skyscraper of the Czech town of Liberec, gives us an excellent opportunity to examine the capital of the Liberec region. In the skyscraper are municipal institutions of the regional authorities. The building was built on the river Lusatian Neisse, which flows through three countries: the Czech Republic, Poland and Germany.

The Liberec region is known for its natural wealth; there are many forests and parks of national importance. Like in other areas of the country, tourists can find many medieval castles, the most famous of which is the Gothic castle of Bezděz, with a huge tower, located near the Czech town of Ceska Lipa.

In Liberec itself, you can find such architectural monuments as the Liberec Town Hall, the local castle, Wallenstein’s houses of the seventeenth century, the ruins of the ancient Gamrshteyn Castle, built in the fourteenth century, as well as one of Europe’s most famous zoos and other important sights.