Prague. The Prague Castle and The Charles Bridge

Beautiful and unforgettable Prague. One of the most charming of the European cities. This is the place where immortal masterpieces of Mozart, Beethoven and Tchaikovsky were created. This webcam shows us the old part of the city, located on the right shore of the Vltava River. It is quite true that almost every building here is an architectural or cultural monument.

The famous 14 th-century Charles Bridge is the prominent site of this part of the city. Once the most important connection point between the Prague Castle and the city’s Old Town, today the Charles Bridge has become a worldwide recognized symbol of Prague. This is a third bridge built on this place (two previous were consequently destroyed by floods). The present one is 621 metres long and about 10 metres wide. The bridge is decorated with 30 Baroque statues of various saints and patron saints of the city. In the beginning of 1960-s they all have been replaced by copies. Today the original statues can be seen in the lapidarium of the National Museum. The bridge tower on the side of Mala Strana is a great example of Gothic architecture.

The webcam captures also the beautiful 16-th century Palace of Liechtenstein, which is like drooping down above the river. The facade of the palace is turned to the square of Mala Strana (Malostranske Namesti). You can see the chapel and the bell tower of the Baroque Saint Nicholas Church, which is another popular tourist attraction of this part of Prague.