Vrchlabí. Herlíkovice Ski Resort

With its hilly landscape, Krkonoše National Park, of the Czech Republic, has become home for several ski resorts. We are in the western part of the park, not far from the border of the Hradec Králové and Libirec. Herlíkovice is located 7 kilometers north of the town of Vrchlabí.

As you can see, the slopes at the resort are not long or extreme, so the simplest ropeways have been built here for tourists. We can see a drag lift, which serves an easy route. Steeper routes have chair lifts. In total, there are 2 chairlifts, 1 gondola and 5 ski lifts in Herlíkovice.

Many hotels and restaurants are situated in the lower part of Herlíkovice, so vacationers can come here for a few days or for longer holidays. If you travel between different ski resorts of the country, you will definitely need to purchase a single ski pass, which is valid in most Czech resorts.

In the summer months, resort lifts are used by cyclists to begin their journey through the mountains from the top of Žalý.