Hirtshals. Exit from the Port of Hirtshals

The camera is set in the northern Danish town of Hirtshals and shows us the way out of the port. Cargo and passenger vessels enter the harbor through it. The main ship routes pass through the Skagerrak, and some of them go to Iceland across the North Sea.

Hirtshals is also known all over the country as one of the largest aquariums in Europe. The Nordsøen Oceanarium has 4.5 million liters of water, which makes it the largest in Scandinavia. The city’s population is about 6000 people, but there are lots of tourists in Hirtshals.

Another local attraction is the 35-meter-high lighthouse. It was first lit on January the 1st, 1863. The lighthouse, made of red brick and faced with Dutch tiles, perfectly complements the coastal landscape of the city.

Tourists who visit this northern city, mostly like fishing. In the port, you can rent a boat and go into the sea in search of fish. All the necessary equipment is also rented or sold in local stores.