Nordby. The Port of Nordby

This webcam is located on the island of Fanoe. This charming Danish island lies in the North Sea along the southwestern coast of the country. Our webcam captures panoramic view over the Bay of Fanoe. The island can be easily reached from mainland if you take ferry from the city of Esbjerg. Ferry stop is situated about 100 metres from here.

Fanoe is quite small, just some 56 kilometres long. But, it has a very interesting past as a center of seafaring. Today it has become one of the popular vacation destinations, mostly for domestic tourists.

There are three towns on the island: Nordby, Rindby and Soenderho. In addition, the island is a part of the Wadden Sea National Park of Danmark, known worldwide as a resting place for millions of migratory birds.

If you want to enjoy a more traditional sightseeing while visiting the charming island of Fanoe, we can recommend such places of interest like the Fanoe Navigational Museum (with its beautiful collection of national costumes), the Fanoe Museum and the Soenderho Church with baptismal font from the 11th century. Fanoe’s major landmark and a symbol of the island is the beautiful Soenderho windmill.