Sharm el-Sheikh. SOHO Square

Silent in the daytime, beautiful SOHO Square turns into a magic place as soon as the hot Egyptian sun goes down and cool fresh air starts flowing ashore from the sea. A show of thousand beautiful lights, illuminations and singing fountains await their guests. “Culturama” Film Center each evening invites tourist to watch an interesting movie about the history of Egypt (with translation into four languages).

People come here to make a photo with mimes, enjoy the night shows, visit some of the local shop (all are air-conditioned, by the way) or even play bowling with friends. Maybe you will be glad to hear that this area is free from annoying barkers?

In the very center of the SOHO Square stands an ice-skating rink. Our webcam is situated on the beautiful facade of the Savoy Hotel, whose owner was the one who sponsored and built this square.