The resort of Levi in the north of Finland is named after the mountain where the ski slopes are located. Cableways are laid from different sides to the top of the mountain. This survey camera is installed at the lower funicular station on the south side of Levi Mountain. The South Point area includes a car park, Factory pizzeria, and Sivakka restaurant, as well as the lift station itself.

At the station, there is a sports equipment rental. A ski or snowboard kit for 1 day costs 48 euros. Rental is open daily from 9:30 to 18:00, from December to April. It is possible to reserve a ski set online. Special rates are available for Levi Season Pass card holders and group applications.

On the screen, we can see skiers descending from the main slope of South Point, as well as a separate training area, Leevilandia. A special children’s indoor belt lift is built on it. The South Point chairlift is capable of serving up to 3,000 people per hour. Its length is 1,710 meters, and the elevation difference between stations is 282 meters. Six-seater chairs move at a speed of five meters per second.

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