Carrières-sur-Seine. View of the Business Center of Paris

The commune of Carrières-sur-Seine is 17 kilometers from the center of Paris, in the north-west of it. As the name implies, the town stands on the River Seine. The first settlements in this area appeared in the early XII century and Carrières-sur-Seine actively developed thanks to the limestone deposits.

Kings Henry II and Henry IV loved to hunt here. Over the centuries the commune depended on the local abbey and only in 1791 was a document on the alienation of the commune signed. At the same time, the city gained its modern name.

This place is known throughout France for its nudist club, which was established in 1944 by the married couple of Lecoq. Since Carrières-sur-Seine is located some distance from busy highways and business life of France, here you can see a real medieval Europe, untouched by modern architecture and urbanization.

In the cam image, behind the commune houses, there is a good view of the business center of La Défense in Paris.