France. View over the Town and Anse Vata Bay

Fantastic Noumea…Sounds almost like a name of a very beautiful girl…Actually, being the capital city of New Caledonia, Noumea is one of the most interesting of the local Pacific islands. A former European colony, present-day Noumea belongs to France (even despite the distance of about 17 000 kilometres). It feels like you are in France when you walk down the city’s beautiful streets with their typical European buildings and charming colonial architecture. Only abundance of exotic plants and faces of the local inhabitants can indicate that you are in the opposite end of the world.

Our webcam shows us the view over the beautiful southern part of Noumea with the promenade of Roger Laroque and two bays — Anse Vata and Baie des Citrons. Right in the neighborhood we can find a splendid blue lake surrounded by the running track of the Henry Milliard Hippodrome, Stadium Pentecost and the green urban park Ouen Toro.

Indeed, the beauty of this Pacific island cannot be compared to anything else. Don’t hesitate if you have even a small chance to visit this wonderful place. Kilometres of sand, perfect beachline, fantastic small islands and a mixture of exotic palms, birds and fiches is only a small part of the local attractions.