Gavarnie-Gèdre. Gîte Albergue Hostel Oxygène. Mountain View

We are in the French commune of Gavarnie-gedrite, situated on the border with Spain, at Gîte Albergue Oxygène tourist center.

One of the largest waterfalls in Europe is located here. 12 cascades of different heights and volumes make Gavarnie Falls, which meets the full-flowing mountain river Gave de Pau at the foot of the mountain. Another natural attraction of this commune is the limestone mountain ridge of Monte Perdido. These wonders of nature can be seen while hiking.

For its guests, Gîte Albergue Oxygène organizes paragliding, SPA-procedures, downhill skiing, rafting or canoeing. If you get to these places and see people in suits, do not be surprised — large companies often hold training courses for their employees in this hotel.