Jullouville. The Beach

The French seaside resort of Jullouville is situated on the shores of the English Channel, in the Bay of Mont Saint-Michel. We can see on the screen its huge sandy beach. At first glance, it may seem that the beach is unremarkable, but it is not. Annual horse racing, which has already become traditional, is held here. Since 1886, Horseracing Jullouville has arranged unusual races, directly on the beach. Also along the coast are open equipment rentals for water sports and sailing.

The local population mostly consists of elderly people, which is why this resort lacks a young workforce. Although, due to the increasing birth rate, the situation recently has changed.

The coast began to turn into a resort in 1882. The ambitious entrepreneur Armand Jullou bought several hectares of the coastal territory at that time. He planned to build casinos, hotels and other infrastructure to attract tourists from all over France. Judging by the fact that the resort was named Jullouville in his honor, his dream came true.