La Tania. The Lift

This webcam is located on the territory of the alpine village of La Tania, which is a popular alpine resort in the Courchevel. This is one of the newest resorts of the area of Courchevel. Today it offers its guests relatively more modern lifts, ski equipment, guest-houses and hotels than other places in the famous region of the Three Valleys.

Development of the neighboring small villages in Courchevel started only in the end of the 1980-s. Over the centuries, people in the surrounding settlements were occupied mostly within agricultural branch. Everything is changed, and these villages have now become a part of the popular alpine resort of Courchevel, one of the world’s most visited winter destinations, and today local depends mostly on tourism.

Tourists can visit La Tania both in the winter and in summer time. In the summer period, this region offers its guests great hiking and biking possibilities. In addition to the very beautiful and picturesque surroundings, of course.