Le Lavandou. Aiguebelle Beach

In front of us is one of the resort beaches of the French “City of Whales and Dolphins.” Le Lavandou got this informal name thanks to its fauna. Twelve sandy beaches and twelve kilometers of coastline, numerous bays and the convenient location right on the beach, attract thousands of tourists to this resort.

The city got its name not from the plant, but due to the fact that a laundry was organized here in the Middle Ages. “The place for washing,” from the French ‘lavoir’, is how Le Lavandou got its name.

This resort on the French Riviera is one of the most peaceful, as there are not many nightclubs and young people, so Le Lavandou is ideal for a family holiday.

The nearest international airport, Toulon-Hyères, is only twenty-five kilometers from the city, so a transfer to the hotel doesn’t take much time, compared to the other resorts of the Côte d’Azur.