Paris. The Eiffel Tower

It’s a view of the world’s most famous tower from the roof of one of the nearby houses.

The camera is located at a distance of about 285 meters from the Eiffel Tower base (for comparison, the height of the tower with antenna is 324 meters). From here, you can see Eifel’s creation in all its beauty, and a view of the city roofs adds some romanticism.

The 7th arrondissement of Paris, in which the tower is situated, originated in the XIX century, after the expansion of the city boundaries. The district is not only rich in famous monuments and attractions, it is also considered to be the political center of France. A lot of ministries settled in the district, and the National Assembly of France is located there.

The population of the arrondissement is about 55 thousand people, which is about 3 percent of the total number of inhabitants of Paris. The district is divided into 4 quarters, and there are 4 branches of the Paris Metro in it.

As for the sight itself, as you can see on the screen, such a vertical view of the Eiffel Tower may allow us to see a parachutist flying from the upper floors; they sometimes illegally jump from the second floor, and even from the top of the tower. This happens rarely, but thrill-seekers still visit the French capital to get a shot of adrenaline.