Paris. Place de la Concorde

One of the many attractions in the center of Paris, located on the banks of the Seine, is Place de la Concorde. It is the second largest square in France and is only smaller than des Quinconces, located in Bordeaux. Concorde was opened in the middle of the XVIII century, and later, opposite it a bridge over the Seine was built. The road over the bridge leads to the building of the National Assembly.

Almost a hundred years after the creation of the square, an obelisk of Pharaoh Ramses II appeared there. Other world capitals received similar gifts as well. The statue’s famous gilded tip, which the majority of Paris visitors try to see, appeared only in 1998.

The image shows a Ferris wheel, which is surrounded by an ongoing debate. The authorities insist on dismantling it, arguing that the wheel spoils the beauty of the area. However, the wheel’s popularity keeps it standing.