Paris. View of Maison de la Radio

It’s another camera in the Beaugrenelle shopping complex. This time, in the foreground we can see Maison de la Radio – the headquarters of local television and radio channels. The unusual design, arranged in the form of broken circles, immediately made it one of the new attractions of Paris. To tell you the truth, due to its distinct round shape, Maison de la Radio has often been compared to a “frying pan”.

The opening of Maison de la Radio was held in 1963, but the project was designed in the early 50s of the last century. It houses one of the few bomb-proofed shelters in the French capital, as well as a large symphony hall. At the beginning of the XXI century, after the great fire, Maison de la Radio was restored as it was difficult to imagine Paris without the building.

In the right part of the screen in the background you can see La Défense – a modern business and residential district of the city. There you can find the famous skyscrapers of Paris. La Défense is considered the largest business center in Europe. Despite the fact that the first buildings appeared here in the middle of the last century, La Défense continues to be built up to this day.